Sunday, March 15, 2009

A very nice weekend

Saturday morning started with taking my boy to a trial karate class, he basically whined and complained the whole time but when it was over he asked me to sign him up. - WEIRD! We figured that we will give it a try because he needs to be involved in something right now (it can't all be about his sister) and we feel that Karate will help him with his balance (this kid falls A LOT!!!)

Then we dropped the kids off at my in-laws for a sleepover. The in-laws called  a few days ago and said they had heard about a reptile place that they wanted to take the kids to and could they have them for a sleepover.

Then we left there about 2:30 and headed off to buffalo for the day. My hubby wanted to check the Coach outlet for a new belt and he also had a craving for the Olive Garden. Hubby didn't find a belt he liked in his size (he is getting so slim, I'm so proud of him) but I did find a new purse. Of course I did!!! We were at Coach. Actually, I found about 4 that I wanted so it was hard for me to settle on which one. I knew I wanted a black one, since I don't have one so this is the one I picked.

I love it, it looks so good on my shoulder. Its very similar to my brown one, but a bit bigger. It was a great price, so I couldn't resist.

We ended up walking around Niagara Falls in the evening, so I did get my 30 minutes of exercise in.  YAY.

Today we went to church, came home and decided to go and see if there were any open houses in the area that we want to move to (there weren't) and then as we pulled back into our driveway my in-laws were pulling up behind us to drop the kids off. Tonight we have a viewing to go to - one of my best friends lost her Grandpa on Friday. Then after I get the kids to bed I will go on the Wii for my APs for today.

WI is tomorrow, so I'm hoping for a good loss.


Rebecca said...

Cute purse. Good luck with the WI.

carla said...

how was the weight in?


Amy said...

LOVE the Coach outlet!
Good luck on the WI today.

heathermarie said...

i am loving that purse. And super jealous u get to walk around niagra falls!