Monday, September 29, 2008

WI #3

I am down another 2 lbs - which is great. Its amazing though how we set ourselves up for failure. I was really hoping for 2.6 to get to 10 lbs total, so I was a bit disappointed when she said 2. CRAZY, I'm sure that there will be weeks that I will be ecstatic for 2.
On another good note, we won a Wii at the school fun fair on Friday, so we have been having a blast playing that - my arm hurts from the tennis though - lol!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I feel GREAT!

I know that it is still so early in this journey of mine, but I feel fantastic. I feel as if I am in it for the long haul. I feel as if CORE is something that I can do for life. There is nothing that I can't have (eat), and I am totally making healthier choices. Less processed food - which is great for the whole family.
My husband is so proud of me. He knows that this is something I really want, and he totally supports me. He is even trying to make changes of his own eating habits. He ACTUALLY ate 2 green beans the other night - THIS IS TRULY AMAZING!
We have a HOT date tonight. Both kids are going to a PJ party at my DD's cheer gym, so we get 3 lovely hours to ourselves. I think that we will go out for a nice, long, quiet dinner. I'm so excited.

Monday, September 22, 2008

2nd WI & WI Buddy - GOOD. Dog Groomer - BAD!

Went for my 2nd WI since rejoining today - down another 2.4!!!

My friend Patty decided to come with me, so it's great to have a WI buddy now.

On a MUCH less happy note, our beautiful pooch was brutalized at the groomers this weekend. He had long gorgeous fur, and he loves to roll around in the yard so he was full of matts. We knew that he needed to be shaved down, but we were hoping that he would at least be even - instead he looks like he was groomed by the blind. Not to mention that his appointment was for 1:30 and she didn't even start him until after 4:00. At 6:00 p.m. my DH had to go and help her finish the job because she had NO CLUE!!! Saturday was NOT a good day. The above pics are what he looks like now (PUKE) versus what he normally looks like.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its driving me nuts that I can put a picture here, in my post, but I can't seem to put new ones on the side, or title as others have done.

I keep getting these error messages - ARGH!

I have, however, developed the interesting talent of being able to type while banging my head against the screen.

The Plan

"When you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

I love the WW plan. It really does work and I know it does because it has for me on several occasions. I worked the plan last week, my first week back, and I am now down 5 lbs! I was very happy to hear that number at WI.

I know from past experience that my downfall is that as I go along I begin to 'fail to plan'. Take yesterday for example, the day got away from me, and so I found myself getting VERY hungry at a few different points of the day. This is not good on CORE. You are never supposed to get super hungry, well I did. I feel that I still made 'ok' choices, but had I planned my day out more I would have been able to make GREAT choices.

The upside of yesterday is that I made a large pan of 'CORE' cabbage rolls. Ok, they are probably not completely core because the recipe called for brown sugar, but I did substitute the meat for extra-lean ground beef, and the rice for whole wheat couscous. I guess based on the amount of sugar that went into that huge pan I should probably charge myself a point per serving. I can deal with that since they are SOOOOOOOOOO yummy.

Meg & Drew had their first Ukrainian dance practice of the season last night. They really enjoy it, but it makes Monday nights hard since they have to be in Oshawa for 6pm. We usually eat dinner around 6:30, so it means that we have to be done dinner by 5:30 which throws the night off for us all. Oh well, we'll handle it. It means however that they come home from dance and want a snack before bed (since they have worked up an appetite) and I am not really keen on letting them eat before bed.

Off to PLAN my day!