Monday, December 29, 2008

WI day, New Years Goal ACHIEVED!!

My photo booth thingy cut me off, but here's part one

and part two

Friday, December 26, 2008

my first attempt at a video blog

so, I got a MacBook for Christmas, and it has this great photo booth feature that makes it SUPER easy to do quick webcam videos - so I thought I would try a video blog.
Hopefully this works.

Monday, December 22, 2008

WI & my nice romantic weekend.

Today is WI day, down exactly 1 pound, and I got my reward for being a WW member for 16 weeks - the clapping hands. I think its called the 'stay and succeed' award - which is fitting, since I KNOW I will succeed.

I had a GREAT weekend. On Saturday at lunchtime my husband & I took the kids to my inlaws for a sleepover. We spend Saturday doing some christmas shopping, and then we went for dinner and a movie. We both made good choices at dinner, and I even brought my own popcorn to the movie. I FINALLY got to see Twilight. I love the books so much that I have been anxiously waiting a chance to see the movie version. It was good, not as good as the books, but way better than I thought it would be.

The kids called and woke us up Sunday morning begging us for another night to sleep at Grandmas and Grandpas (they've never gone for 2 nights before) so after much discussion we did agree. They were SO happy.

The rest of the day we relaxed, did a bit more shopping and had a nice dinner at home. We rented a christmas movie - but we were both so bored by it that we ended up turning it off. I did a bit of wrapping, still have tons to do.

My kids come home at dinner time tonight - I can't wait to see them! But, it is nice to be running around and doing errands today like grocery shopping without them - lol

I'm feeling good - feeling like I am on the right track and that I have the motivation I need to get me through this week.

I hope that all my 'blog' friends have a GREAT start to their week as well.

Friday, December 19, 2008


I am definitely struggling lately.

I have done NOTHING in the way of exercise this week - I will try to get some in today.

My eating hasn't been HORRIBLE, but it hasn't been great either. I went through the drive thru at Burger King two days ago - got a whopper Jr. and POUTINE!!! Don't really know why I did it, but I must admit, it tasted great! I was hoping it wouldn't.

Since then I have wanted to have McD's and other bad stuff, but have managed to steer myself away from those choices. I guess that's something good.

I don't know what got my motivated in September, but I hope that whatever it was comes back.

I do not want to slide back into old habits.
I want to finally realize that I am worth it.
I want to be happy in my own skin.
I want to be healthy and strong.
I want to be a role model for my kids.
I want to stay on track to help encourage my husband to do the same (he is doing so well)
I WANT to achieve my goals.
I want to become a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My FAVORITE song!!

Jason Mraz - I'm yours.
I just can't seem to get enough of this song!
sorry, had to share ;)

Monday, December 15, 2008

WI day from up above.

Today was WI day, and I am surprised to say that I lost 1 pound.

Last Monday we went to my favorite restaurant for fajitas - their fajitas are sooooo good because the shells are so much better than any others I have ever had. Apparently the waitress told me its the 'lard' that makes them so good (EWWWWW). Anyways, I had about 7 of them (YES, you read that correctly SEVEN). Afterwards we went home and had chocolate truffle birthday cake! I ate almost half the cake (again, your eyes are NOT deceiving you).

Not to mention that I had a big plate of chinese food for lunch that day.

SOOOO, that was Monday. The rest of the week was OK, but not great. I HATED counting pts on the new plan. I know I said I would give it a few weeks, but I really think that Core (simply filling) works best for me, so I'm doing that this week.

OK, Then Thursday I had the festive special at Swiss Chalet, including 2 of the truffles. Friday I went to a local deli and had an omelette with fries.

So, my 1 pound loss was really good considering.

I attribute that to my added activity last week. Also, I was telling my husband that it must have also included some divine intervention.

That being said - I KNOW that I can't be that lucky 2 weeks in a row - so its BACK ON TRACK for me today!!! We are planning on going to the Olive Garden in Buffalo on Saturday, so I will definitly be watching extra carefully what I put into my mouth between now and then.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanks for my blog award Lisa!!

So, I just read Lisas blog and found out she picked me for this award!!!


The rules are:

1. You have to pass it on to 5 fabulous blogs.
2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions.
3. Make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.

It's hard for me to pick 5, because they may have already been picked, but here goes (in no particular order):

And my 5 addictions are:

1. WW (especially the CORE/simply filling plan)
2. Pink - I'm with you Lisa, can't get enough
3. Bling - diamonds are a girls best friend
4. Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi
5. Wii Fit - so much fun!

Monday, December 8, 2008

WI day & new program

The good news is that I was down 1.2 at WI this morning.

The bad (?) news is that we got the new program. It seems that the core program is gone. They want everyone to track from now on, and they encourage you to eat 'core' foods as often as possible, but they do want you to account for the point values of everything you eat.

Not sure how I feel about this. In a way I think its good. I think that it will help me to re-commit to the journey. It will help me to stay more focused, especially at this time of the year.

I think that I will miss the freedom of core - but sometimes I know that I took it too far, and wasn't always honest with what I was eating. BUT I've had great success. 26.4 pounds gone in 13 wi's, and all 13 of those wi's were losses.

I am definitely going to try the program out, at least for a few weeks (3), but I am also not opposed to returning to the old core program if I feel that I am not having success with momentum.

I posted a pic of me in my new jersey. I was definitely upset that the Cowboys lost yesterday, but at least they still have a chance to make the playoffs. GO COWBOYS!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

35 - man, I used to think that was OLD!

And now that its here, 35 doesn't seem so bad. I'm feeling healthier than I have in a while. My knees no longer hurt when I go up the stairs at bedtime, and I just seem more positive.

My kids and hubby woke me up today with breakfast in bed (all core, what a great hubby!)

Last night was our church Christmas event, that I had been planning for the past 6 weeks. The turn out was not very good, but the weather was pretty bad so that may have played a part.
The room was GORGEOUS! I didn't decorate it, so I can't take any credit for that. I planned the program for the adults and kids. We had the kids doing crafts and the adults walked through a program set up in several rooms depicting different moments in the life of Jesus Christ. It was very reverent and I watched as people exited the final room - most people were speechless, they really seemed to be feeling the spirit of the evening. A few even had tears in their eyes. People just kept whispering to me "It was SO good -Thank you SO much for doing that."

I had been so stressed about this event, and even resentful because I was not the person who should have been planning it, but the 'powers that be' really wanted me to do it since they liked the idea that I had for it. Watching the faces of people as the left - and hearing the comments I received later - made it all worth it. I really feel now that I was important for me to do that, to help those around me to remember why we celebrate Christmas. And more importantly FOR ME, MYSELF to remember and get back to the true meaning of this holiday. I find it so easy to get busy, and wrapped up in all of the stuff that goes on this time of year - it was nice to be reminded of the important things.

My hubby and daughter missed the event. She had been sick the night before, and then just as I came home to pick them up for it, she started throwing up again. I felt so bad for her.

She is still sick today, so while my son and hubby have gone off to church, I get to snuggle up with her - SNUGGLING WITH MY DAUGHTER ON MY BIRTHDAY, SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

25 lb charm!

SO, at today's meeting I got my 25lb charm, I couldn't believe it!

I definitely wasn't expecting to lose 2.2 lbs this week!!! I was ecstatic!

So, I think that I am well on may way to reaching my goals. I had decided at the beginning of this journey that I would reward myself once I hit 25lbs with a football jersey that I have been wanting - so the order is in for my white and pink Tony Romo jersey - GO COWBOYS!!! When I get it I will post a pick of me in it.

Today's pic is me with my new charm on my keyring, and also me wearing my new old navy SIZE 12 jeans!!!! -yeah, they're tight, but that'll just help to keep me on track ;)

It's a good day!