Monday, December 8, 2008

WI day & new program

The good news is that I was down 1.2 at WI this morning.

The bad (?) news is that we got the new program. It seems that the core program is gone. They want everyone to track from now on, and they encourage you to eat 'core' foods as often as possible, but they do want you to account for the point values of everything you eat.

Not sure how I feel about this. In a way I think its good. I think that it will help me to re-commit to the journey. It will help me to stay more focused, especially at this time of the year.

I think that I will miss the freedom of core - but sometimes I know that I took it too far, and wasn't always honest with what I was eating. BUT I've had great success. 26.4 pounds gone in 13 wi's, and all 13 of those wi's were losses.

I am definitely going to try the program out, at least for a few weeks (3), but I am also not opposed to returning to the old core program if I feel that I am not having success with momentum.

I posted a pic of me in my new jersey. I was definitely upset that the Cowboys lost yesterday, but at least they still have a chance to make the playoffs. GO COWBOYS!!


A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Being a huge Sox fan, I know how good it feels to pull on some brand new gear for the team you love! You look GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I love the jersey! You look awesome!

Krista said...

Your weight loss success is something that I hope you are proud of. 13 WI's and 13 losses is an amazing accomplishment!

Rock on girl!

I heard about the new program as well. Give it a few weeks and see how it goes, if all else fails do what works for you!