Sunday, December 7, 2008

35 - man, I used to think that was OLD!

And now that its here, 35 doesn't seem so bad. I'm feeling healthier than I have in a while. My knees no longer hurt when I go up the stairs at bedtime, and I just seem more positive.

My kids and hubby woke me up today with breakfast in bed (all core, what a great hubby!)

Last night was our church Christmas event, that I had been planning for the past 6 weeks. The turn out was not very good, but the weather was pretty bad so that may have played a part.
The room was GORGEOUS! I didn't decorate it, so I can't take any credit for that. I planned the program for the adults and kids. We had the kids doing crafts and the adults walked through a program set up in several rooms depicting different moments in the life of Jesus Christ. It was very reverent and I watched as people exited the final room - most people were speechless, they really seemed to be feeling the spirit of the evening. A few even had tears in their eyes. People just kept whispering to me "It was SO good -Thank you SO much for doing that."

I had been so stressed about this event, and even resentful because I was not the person who should have been planning it, but the 'powers that be' really wanted me to do it since they liked the idea that I had for it. Watching the faces of people as the left - and hearing the comments I received later - made it all worth it. I really feel now that I was important for me to do that, to help those around me to remember why we celebrate Christmas. And more importantly FOR ME, MYSELF to remember and get back to the true meaning of this holiday. I find it so easy to get busy, and wrapped up in all of the stuff that goes on this time of year - it was nice to be reminded of the important things.

My hubby and daughter missed the event. She had been sick the night before, and then just as I came home to pick them up for it, she started throwing up again. I felt so bad for her.

She is still sick today, so while my son and hubby have gone off to church, I get to snuggle up with her - SNUGGLING WITH MY DAUGHTER ON MY BIRTHDAY, SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!!!


MeltingLisa said...

Happy birthday Jen!!!! Yeah 35 is still a little puppy!

Your Church event sounds wonderful too.

Hope your daughter gets well soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
The church event sounds like it was wonderful!! Good job!

Hope your little one is better soon!