Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back for fess-up time.

So, the guilt I felt last week didn't seem to kick me back into gear the way that I had hoped it would. I followed last weeks horrible week with another horrible week. I truly thought that i could just skip my ww meeting last week and then get back on track on my own - that was not the case. 

I have many excuses why I ate so poorly - but they are just that, EXCUSES! The main one is that since we have showings on our home every day (and usually around the dinner hour) we have eaten almost every single dinner out over the last two weeks - ouch to both my waist and my wallet! 

However, I've been on WW since September (and many times before that) so by now I should have a good solid base of how to make healthy choices even when eating out. I do have the knowledge, I have just chosen to ignore it all.

The outcome - 5.6 lb gain. How pathetic. I now weigh exactly what I did on March 16th. So, I have basically thrown 6 weeks of work out with 2 weeks of CRAP!

I am not happy with myself. However, I knew it would be a bad wi and I still went, so that is something good. I now have more insight into myself and know that I can't miss my meetings just because I don't want to see what the scale has to say - I'm not fooling anyone with that. I also know that my meetings uplift me, Mondays was FANTASTIC and I really left there feeling pumped for the week to come. So, even though we went out for dinner last night AGAIN (please let this house sell soon) I made healthy choices.

On a much happier note - I got my free Hamilton Beach Panini grill today - I can't wait to try it!! Thank you Dempsters - lol. They are now offering a free BBQ tool set with 6 UPCs from buns and $6 for shipping - I think I will get that one next ;)