Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am embarrassed to say that I did not get in my 30  mins of exercise yesterday. I meant to walk the kids to school but we all woke up too late. Then at lunchtime I drove to pick up my son because I was feeling lazy and drove again after school because I was out and about doing errands.

We had dinner guests, so I needed to get stuff for that in the afternoon. After our guests left I needed to rush out to a meeting at my church - and I was just too darned lazy to do anything by the time I got home at 9.

I went to bed really upset with myself. My husband was trying to cheer me up and reminding me of how far I have come - but I was not having any of it. It felt horrible that I didn't take that 30 mins out of my day to do something that I NEED to do.

So, today, even though the kids and I woke up late - we walked to school. I didn't not want today to start off like yesterday. I got them to quickly get dressed. Then I quickly made them some toast and put it in a paper towel and out the door we went. They ate their breakfast while we walked. It took longer than it has in the past because we had to change our route a bit to avoid the muddy/wet/snowy trail - so from the time I left the house until the time I returned it was 45 mins. 

So, I will be doing that again at lunchtime to get my son and also after school to get my daughter so today is looking good.

BIGGEST LOSER last night - Like Kari, I was sad to see Mandi go, I liked her. I'm not so big on her sister so I would have been okay with her leaving, but what really bothered me was the way Ron declared that it was "Mandi's turn". He is the least beneficial to the team, so I don't think that he should be so cocky about it.

My faves are Sione and Filipe - although I didn't think that Filipe handled things well with Jillian. He was right to be upset that she hasn't been working with him - but I don't think that she cares now since he freaked out. It will be interesting to see what happens with the cousins for the remainder of the season.

I also like Kristen and she seems to get a lot of airtime so I wonder if she is one of the players that goes to the finals?


Janna said...

Don't be are allowed a pass! Great job on getting up this morning and getting out there and taking care of business!

Amy said...

Well, you're already fixing things today! Great job making the change. You can already go to bed tonight feeling better about today.

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Every day is a new day! Love ourselves a little more today than yesterday...that's all. :)

carla said...

no need to be embarrassed!! life can get in the way and choose to make today a day it doesnt!


MeltingLisa said...

Jen it's a process, we are learning these new healthy habits, and how to realistically incorporate them into our lives. Please don't be too hard on yourself, you have done incredibly well doing the things you have done this week.

I for one am very very proud of you!