Tuesday, March 24, 2009

caught red-handed.

So, last night I was not organized and we didn't end up eating dinner until Way late - what does this mean - it means that I made bad choices (of course I did, I was starving). Chicken on a kaiser (not bad) and POUTINE!!! Yes, the dreaded poutine makes another appearance in my journal (darn you poutine, you french-Canadian wonder!)

Then I did want to get back on track today - I really did. But the kids wanted McD's for lunch, and since I haven't had it in a long time I figured - hey, why not. As I was sitting here eating my Big Mac (yes, I went there) my doorbell rang. Who was is??? My conscience (disguised as my ww buddy). CRAZY!!! I felt so dumb - until she told me that she too ate poutine yesterday!

Well, onward and upward (downward?). I will do better for the rest of the week. My hand is healing, but it is really badly bruised now too - I hope that's OK. I did start to fall down the stairs yesterday (I'm a klutz) and when I did I grabbed the railing with BOTH hands to save myself (BIG MISTAKE) and my sore hand throbbed for a few hours after that. I hope that I didn't dislodge the stitch that is on the vein. If I did I think that I would notice something more than a large bruise.

On a MUCH happier note: I came third in the BLBE challenge for Team Lean last week - YAY! I was so happy to see my name.

Well, back to work now. We are considering moving and trying to get our house ready for showing, so lots of cleaning, painting and organizing to do. Funny how we let things go when we just live here - lol.


Tammy said...

Ouch on the hand! We too are trying to get our house ready to put on the market. Crazy how much stuff you accumulate!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the encouraging words!

Anonymous said...

are you talking about Swiss Chalets poutine? The new item to the menu? OMIGOD if so I saw that on Friday and I soooo wanted it. Looked sooooo good.

Good for you back on track, and I hope your hand feels better

Fatinah said...


hope your hand is ok!!

Kari said...

Hope the hand heels up soon. And darn that poutine...it is evilicious! One good choice at a time!!!

Me, Only Better said...

I think spring break is hard for mom's - I am feeling all off track and out of sorts too!

I hope today is a better day and that your hand feels much better soon!

MeltingLisa said...

Ahhh I am late .. trying desperately to catch up with blogging world! So this was Tuesday ... I really hope you got back on track Jen!

I have to admit I smile when I see that word "poutine" in your journal defintely not a South African food! Awww then the Big Mac :( Quick story, just before we left South Africa (2001) the FIRST EVER McDonalds opened up there, it was also the first ever drive-through I had seen in my life. People lined up all night, it was really odd, the first time I tried it, I hated it and have never had a bite since. Now that I live here I can see where the "fast food" culture comes from ... I am really glad that I never developed a taste for fast food. (I have enough other addictions like chips etc!)

Oops off down the garden path again .... so how is your hand? I also wanted to ask if you are on FaceBook? Look me up if you are .. Lisa Graham-Almond :)