Monday, March 2, 2009

up 1.8 from Cuba

and I am definitely okay with that. I ate very poorly, so I definitely expected more.

One interesting thing is that the person who weighed me in wrote that I gained 2.2, but it wasn't until I got home and looked at my book that I noticed she did the math wrong - so that is an added bonus.

I feel like I am ready to get right back on program - I so want to reach my goals. One thing that Cuba proved to me was that although I have come a long way, I am not where I want to be for bathing suit season. I liked my suit a lot, and but still did not feel truly comfortable being in public in a bathing suit. My arms DEFINITELY need work and so do other spots, so its time to get SERIOUS about exercise.

I HATE exercise, so this is going to be tough. I'm dusting off the 30 day shred and starting fresh.


Me, Only Better said...

Yay for a fresh start! And a 1.8 gain is pretty good for post holiday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words and well wishes Jen. I am sorry to hear the trip was not the best being with the in laws...but I have to say the pic of you and the bathing suit is GREAT !! I also love the family pic on the beach! SO SWEET!!!
Welcome home! I missed your posts xo

Krista said...

You did AMAZINGLY well after a week in Cuba. A week in Mexico cost me a 9.1 pound gain (I lost 5 of it already but seriously)!

Great job and even better job of getting back on the horse!

MeltingLisa said...

1.8 is realy not bad! And you are so dedicated, going straight back to routine of WI, I just know I will be celebrating your goal with you in the not too distant future :)

Danee said...

Just catching up...I'd be tempted to slap that FIL of yours, but he'd probably like that. EWWW! So proud of you 1.8 gain after a vacation. You Rock!