Friday, March 27, 2009

My week so far - very long post, sorry.

So, I just read Lisa's blog about her week so far, and mine is like the polar opposite of hers.

So far this week I have done ZERO exercise - ZERO!! 

And as for eating.....
Swiss Chalet Chicken on a kaiser with Poutine
Big Mac & fries
Pad Thai
Pizza (4 pieces I think, but maybe 5)
Party Mix (probably half the bag)
Snickers bar

and these are just some of the things that I remember, needless so say I haven't been journaling.

The crazy thing is (more crazy I mean) other than the pizza, I really didn't enjoy any of it - but I didn't stop either. I kept thinking, this will be just what I was looking for, and then it wasn't.  There is one simple reason for this.........THE ANSWER IS NOT FOOD!!!!

I didn't realize until just now how stressed I have been this week. We are trying to get our house in order to put it on the market (painting, cleaning, organizing and dealing with contractors), we are waiting to hear on my husbands raise at work, we have been house hunting and I find one that I LOVE, but my hubby isn't so sure (why can't he just love what I love - lol), and I am still dealing with this dumb hand.

Speaking of my hand, it is healing nicely (according to my Dr) but it is really sore. The bruising is both on the palm (where the wound is) and on the other side of my hand by the thumb knuckle. The Dr said it is due to the internal bleeding and that it will take time to go away - too bad because its really ugly. I find that the wound hurts a bit, but worse is how my whole hand aches after I have used it for a while, which I need to do with everything going on with the house right now.

I know that this is all excuses - and I don't want to make excuses. I want to continue on to my goals. I want to get healthy. I was watching Grey's last night and seeing all the one of the characters has to go through in regards to cancer treatment got me thinking. I know that being overweight is a factor for many cancers, and I don't want to ever have to go through that, or for my family to have to. I know I need to make better choices, to plan ahead and to take the time for exercise. I know these things, so why am I not doing it????

From weight this morning is 6 lbs higher than it was on Monday - SIX pounds!!!!

I need an intervention.


Tammy said...

Can I join you on the intervention? My week was bad as well. Except that my thought process goes "well I have already screwed it up so I might as well eat that". And like you I haven't really enjoyed any of it. How about we kick each others butts back into gear?

Consider this your butt kicking and get back on it. I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen
Chin up...we all have bad weeks...but the important thing is you see that food istn the answer. This is a journey...gotta pick yourself back up and keep moving.

Have a great weekend

MeltingLisa said...

Jen, starting with the end of your post ... it's not excuses! If we are emotionaly eaters/stressed eaters etc. It has taken us years to learn those coping techniques, they are not going to disapear overnight. Your biggest victory ~ you are identifying the behaviour, and journaling about it, those are big steps.

The next step will be to catch yourself BEFORE you eat the bad stuff. So fir example if you are totally craving that chocolate bar, ask yourself "What am I really craving?" Is it an understanding ear? Do you need to pick up the phone and phone a buddy and vent about the work behind selling a house? Try stop yourself before the act.

Sorry to hear the hand is still sore :( Sounds like a really bad injury.

Last ~ haha you did the long post you get a long comment! Those 6 pounds you are seeing right now is salt causing water retention from the high sodium foods you have eaten. Eat clean for the next few days with lots of water and you will flush lots of that away.

Big hugs! Remember this is a process, there is no finish line really, we are work in progress Jen.

Hotch Potchery said...

Man, it seems that everyone is springing into Funkville. I am there. I ate about two and a half days worth of points yesterday. I feel just awful about it.

But, I know that one day did not create my fat booty, and so I have to just move on from it. I am trying really hard to stay away from the emotional eating, but it is HARD.

Fatinah said...

To quote Cher from the movie Moonstruck - cause what's a weight loss journey without a quote from Cher???

"Snap Out of It!!"


A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

OMG I love MoonStruck! Salt will do it every time. Lisa is right, detox the salt out with water and you'll be feeling a lot better.

Kari said...

Okay yes we do all have bad weeks but the week is over and it's a new week now so girl get it together. There is always going to be something going on, or something unexpected, or added stresses ect. but we have to TRY TRY TRY to push through even those times while still making good choices. And if you don't make a good choice we have to learn that it doesn't mean we have to make a thousand more bad choices before we get back on track. You are trying, but if you are not happy then try a little harder. BUT don't forget to look at the successes you have had. You can do this.
Thank you for sharing that. I never though to it that way. You know. When you eat and eat and nothing satisfies you. I never thought of it in the light of "well maybe it's because I'm not really hungry"! lol.