Thursday, March 19, 2009

How is everyone doing with the 30mins?

So, this week I am once again trying to get at least 30 minutes of some sort of exercise/activity in. I know, sounds lame, but for someone like me who avoids exercise at all costs its a good start.

Lisa, Rebecca and Heather said they would also try for the same this week, and I am just curious how everyone is doing. 

I did:
Monday - 30 minute walk
Tuesday - big fat goose-egg (i.e. NOTHING)
Wednesday - at least 1 hour walking

I don't know what my problem is with Tuesdays.  I think that is the same day that I wimped out last week. I need to really pick it up for the rest of the week if I hope to reach my goals that I have set forth for the next wi which are:
40 lbs gone (1 lb to go)
out of the 150's (1.6 lbs to go)

Yesterday after swimming lessons, I took the kids into Toronto to go the the dentist and then off to the Royal Ontario Museum. We still go the the dentist in the city because he is the one I used to work for before I had kids - so I trust him and he gives me a discount! Plus I get to catch up with all my old co-workers.
My daughter has been wanting to go to a 'dinosaur museum' for a long time now. I checked it out and the prices are SO expensive, but the ROM listed that you can go for free on Wednesdays after 4:30. So that's what I planned, only to find out that it is not free this week since it is March break, its half price. So here is a breakdown of my costs for my 'free' day:
-$14.50 for parking (and thats with the museum discount)
-$26.00 admission
-$25.00 at the museum gift shop (kidlets NEED a souvenir - lol)
-$9.00 for a transit pass to and from the dentist
-$16.00 for dinner (they had McD's, I had Subway) 

GRAND TOTAL - $90.50 and that's not including gas!!!

Man, its expensive to do anything fun with the kids - I hate that. And truly, they were bored with the museum quite quickly! I think we will stick to the zoo this summer - annual family pass is $140 and they have a water play area to cool off in.


Amy said...

I did nothing on Sunday, Monday or Wednesday. Ugh. That's why I got up early this morning to do a workout dvd. Can't bust the WHOLE week!

MeltingLisa said...

My week started Tuesday:

Tuesday - 60 min Yoga
Wednesday - gets a explanation haha ... I totally was planning to do my walking DVD when a friend of mine "popped in" after a trip to Mexico with goodies for my family and to visit ... so had a really nice time with her, but she left at 10:30 so no exercise time.
Today I am definitely doing my DVD! Think I will do the Core Rhythms one cause its fun!

Thanks for keeping us accountable Jen! And you are doing awesome :)

Amy above me .. way to go! Getting up early to do the DVD get big points :)

Anonymous said...

you are so so so close to 40 gone!! SO amazing! You go girl. So proud of you

heathermarie said...

I havent done so hot! Lets see monday i painted for a hr. does that count? And then about 20 minutes on the Wii Fit. haha and then nothing yesterday BUT today i will be all over it. I plan on walking/jogging for at least 30 minutes today. And hopefully tonite i can get in some Hip Hop Abs. You are doing great. You will for sure reach your 40lb goal!!

Hotch Potchery said...

Actually I have gotten in 30 minutes every day so far this week. I have NOT done my weights since Sunday though. Not likely to go tomorrow either. ugh.

I hate it when "free" turns into major bucks.

Albert said...


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carla said...

I love this challenge not only because it's what I do :) but because it is so REALISTIC.
something we can start now and NEVER STOP!


Carolina Girl said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

I went for a walk today..but I really need to step it up this weekend!!! Which is hard, because that's when I'm most tempted. But I've got to do it!
You are doing great! I'm so inspirted by you.

Me, Only Better said...

I have done 30 minutes everyday. Some days were just drop off & pick up at school, so not a huge workout, but movement nonetheless!

Hope you are doing well!