Tuesday, March 3, 2009

nothing new

I don't really have anything to post yet, but I am trying very hard to stay OP this week, so I thought that posting here would help to keep me accountable.

Eating yesterday and so far today have been good. I have my stew going in the crock pot for dinner so that should be good to help me round out the day. 

I haven't done any exercise yet this week, so I really do need to start that. I hope to earn at least 2 APs today.

I heard on the radio today that it is expected to go up to 10 degrees on Friday (that's 50 for my American friends) and its supposed to stay nice through the weekend, so that'll be good for getting in some outdoor APs.

Oh yeah, and CONGRATS to Gracie and her hubby on their pregnancy!!!

I am trying very hard to plan ahead this week with my food, because my history shows that when I don't plan, I fail.