Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BIggest Loser - (don't read if you haven't seen it yet)

Well, other than the fact that I felt ripped off for not seeing the end result of the WI last night - it was a great show.

My husband and I love the part where you see how well the person has done since they have gone home and we didn't get to see that last night - booo.

What a sweetheart Mike is, giving away his reward like that. He's a good kid.

It's also nice to see how the players are connecting with their new trainers now. I really noticed that Mandy seems to be connecting with Bob - but who wouldn't!?! Bob is so great.

I really find this show motivating. I'm definitely going to check out the website to see if I can find the recipes from last nights show.

I can't wait until next week to find out the results of the WI and to see Filipe freak out on Jillian. My favorites so far this year are Sione and Filipe.

My prediction - Mike will not drop the required weight and the 2 players going home will be Aubrey and Laura.


Me, Only Better said...

I feel ripped off too - I fell asleep and missed the last half an hour! In some ways I am glad they didn't show the WI - now I know I didn't miss that much.

That show totally inspires me! I keep thinking look at them - if they can be doing that at their weight - what is stopping me?

Mike is most certainly a great kid!

Amy said...

I skimmed the show this morning, but was shocked that we didn't get to see our normal ending! I agree about it being great motivation.

Dancing Sweet Pea said...
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Dancing Sweet Pea said...
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Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Apparently I can't type today! I just left you two messages -- of the same thing -- with horrible spelling mistakes! Haha!
I find the show so inspiring too! I hate the it was to be continued as well. When Michael stepped on the scale I looked at the clock and the show was only on for two minutes so I was sure he was going to make the nine pounds and no one would get voted off, but instead they had a stupid to be continued! Haha!

Anonymous said...

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Sarah said...

I agree with you on last nights show. I love seeing the transformations. My ultimate fav is Philipe, he is soo positive and lets out that big WOOOO at every WI, it makes me laugh.