Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WI went well today

So I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I had a 2 lb loss this week. Core really seems to be working well for me!!! My wi buddy (who has a lot less than me to lose) lost 2.6 - she is totally rocking the program and she is doing flex.
I'm happy with my results, happy to be feeling great - and extra happy that my hubby is on board this time around and doing fantastic at his own weight loss efforts. We both rock!!!


carjac said...

Jen, congrats on a great WI! Sounds like this is the way for you...:o) Your stats are doing just great!

What a great looking family, such adorable kids!

PS..thanks for the comment on the board today, appreciate it

Hugs Jacquie

Jen said...

anytime Jacquie. You have helped out so many of us on that board.