Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Guy

He is so great. He supports me so much in this journey of mine. He loves me unconditionally and thinks I'm hot even now!! WOW!
We have been together so long that I barely remember life before him. He is EXACTLY the kind of Dad that I would want him to be, and he helps me to be a better Mom.
He is supporting me more this time around then ever before, because he is making healthier choices in his eating as well.
He is a TOTAL goof, and I love that. I always tell my children that they need to find a spouse that they can have fun with - LAUGHTER is SO important, it gets us through the hurdles in life.
~just thought I would share~


Dancing Sweet Pea said...

That is so great Jen! Makes things much easier doesn't it? What a great post about your hubby!

MeltingLisa said...

Thanks for visiting Jen, and your very kind comments :)

Big journeys ahead of both of us, but we have awesome people behind us .. we can do do this!!