Monday, October 13, 2008

What a great weekend!
The event I hosted at our church was fantastic - the turn out was WAY better than I expected and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun. I stayed OP so that's a bonus.
Thanksgiving dinner went well at my house on Sunday. The inlaws came over and I was able to make almost everything core. Points only for gravy and stuffing, but I used store bought of both so that I was able to properly account for them.
Today was a GORGEOUS day here in Ontario. We took the kids with their bikes and our dog down to the lake for a nice walk on the trail. We did about 5km and then met up with some of our friends from out of town at a local playground. OP today as well, so I am actually not dreading my WI tomorrow.
In all my attempts at WW, (and there have been MANY) I have never had a post holiday wi with a loss. I think tomorrow will be different. :)


MeltingLisa said...

I look forward to your update Jen. Sounds to me like you did everything right, so good luck with weigh in :)

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

So happy to hear your church event went well! It's great when something you put so much work into planning turns out to be a success!
Speaking of successes -- congrats on doing well over Thanksgiving! It can be tough with all the temptations!