Monday, October 27, 2008


So, went for my wi on my regular day this week (Monday - today) and it was nice to see the regular leader and members again. I expected a gain since I got my period yesterday and I was feeling super bloated, yucky and gross.
Well, I got on the scale, and my new best friend (the lady who weighed me) told me I was down 2! I almost fell over - literally! I calmed down, leaned in as close to her as I could get and asked "did you say 0.2?" and she clarified "2.0!"
WOW - What a great 'weigh' to start the week!!!! I feel so motivated and encouraged to continue this journey that I am on!!!


butterfly said...

LOL! Totally awesome "weigh" to start the week!


MeltingLisa said...

Yay Jen // going down, down, down ... awesome!

Krista said...

What an awesome loss! Gotta love it even with TOM here!