Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So much to say.

I'm feeling great (except for the sore muscles). I have been OP  so far this week, and even managed to earn 3 APs on Monday and 1 on Tuesday (that's a lot for me). I plan on earning some today too - hopefully 3 again. That online program of Jillian Michaels that I mentioned is way more difficult than I expected. Hopefully soon I will be able to get through it all.

I ordered some stuff from I have been noticing things on other peoples blogs and whatnot, so I decided to give a few of them a try. I ordered:
PB2 Peanut Butter
PB2 Chocolate Peanut Butter
Walden Farms calorie free caramel dip
Walden Farms calorie free apple butter.

I ordered everything yesterday and received my shipment today - not too bad!!

I've tasted the chocolate peanut butter, the apple butter and the caramel dip so far.

The chocolate peanut butter is very good, and so is the apple butter.

The caramel dip tasted a bit weird, but I'm thinking that that is because I just dipped my finger in to taste it - next time I will try it on an apple or something like that.

Something else that I am excited about is a new program that Dempsters is running where you can get a free Hamilton Beach sandwich grill!! You just have to save the UPC codes from 10 of their participating products and then mail it away with a $15 money order (for shipping) and voila! I bought a bunch of their bodywise products today. They are all quite low 'points' wise, which is good. I can't wait to get my grill.

Biggest Loser last night was a HUGE disappointment. I really don't understand why Jillian's team asked the others who they wanted them to vote off, and stated that they would respect their decision - and then they just went the opposite way! I guess the game play has already started. I really think that Joelle has some serious mental issues that she needs to deal with 

I also don't understand why Dan was absent for the temptation challenge. They didn't give us any explanation - they didn't even mention it. I was watching and thought "hey, wheres Dan?"

Okay, off to earn some AP's so that I can FINALLY make Team Lynn (do we have an official name yet?) proud.


Krista said...

I so want to order the PB2 and think I will as soon as I get back from Mexico. Glad to hear that you liked it :)

Get your butt to the BLBE2 blog girl. Theres a forum on where you can vote on Team Lynn's offical name.

If memory serves me correct "Team Lean" is in the lead.

Way to go on your activity!!! Keep it up!

RebeccaILJ said...

Yay for activity points! I'm letting myself finish watching Superstars of Dance, but then its off to the treadmill! :-)

I didn't notice Dan was missing at the temptation until you said something- what happened??

I was very disappointed with those that voted to have Damien leave. Gameplay or not, this needs to be about people who want to make their lives better, and its not fair to thwart two people who obviously do for someone who is such a flake with questionable motivation. I feel bad for Carla though!

Gracie said...

Way to go on the activity points! THat is awesome! Always a challenge for me too!!

Heidi said...

I didn't notice Dan was missing either until you said it! I wonder what happened... wait are you sure? I remember thinking that his at-home partner was going to snarf down everything because he's sucking it up at home diet wise anyway.
I'm sad that game play has started also, but I feel happy that at least there's no one like Vicky. Contestants have always disappointed me but I try to think about their motivations. Are they MEAN spirited like Vicky et al or are they just playing a little game. Because if losing weight is truly your motivation and you feel you need the ranch/trainers/public weigh ins and diet instructions constantly 24-7 to get to your DREAM goal, I could see myself playing the game too. I wouldn't do it in a mean way if at all possible, but if it gave me a better chance of reaching my dream, I'd take it - as respectfully as possible. So, I don't FULLY fault the black team.
I think Joelle is a born again Christian. She definately speaks like one. She needs to do less talking and more exercising.
Next week really upsets me though. They just came right out and said that Dan and the other young dude are in the bottom 2. And I just love Dan. I don't want him to go.

Me, Only Better said...

Oh, darn - that's what I forgot to do last night - watch BL!

Good job having such a great week - yahoo for you!

Boo Bear's Place said...

I read Allison Sweeny's blog aka the Biggest loser host
Not sure the address but, I'm sure if you googled it you will
find it. anyhoo,She usually posts after the show every week. she said Dan opted out of the temptation cause
he went for one of the Dr. Visits they have regularly.Nothing like a doc to keep you on teack.