Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mid week & OP - & the Biggest Loser

So, its Wednesday, and I am feeling great. I have stayed OP so far this week, but I have yet to earn any APs (why do I struggle with this so?). I've been feeling very lazy, but I know that I just need to get up off my butt and do some exercise. 

The Biggest Loser last night was great - and as with other bloggers it made me very emotional. I kept crying. I really hope that Dan gets the chance to stick around for a while, the ranch really seems to be the place for him right now. As for Joelle, well, I have differing views on her than other bloggers. I find her manipulative and I think that she is just wasting every ones time. I was surprised to see that Tara only lost a pound - good thing she had immunity. I think that she has the determination to be a very strong competitor this season. Overall, I am loving this season so far. I watched Bob & Jillian and others on Larry King live, and I loved that they said that this will be the longest season so far. They are taping for more than 5 months this time around.

I think that one of the reasons that this show made me so emotional last night is that this whole journey for me is quite emotional. That's one of the differences from anytime that I have tried to lose weight in the past - EMOTION. I feel that it is because I truly know that I am going to achieve my goals this time around. My husband and I talk about it a lot and we truly feel that we have started to make these life changes. Last night my husband said our prayer for us at bedtime, and he prayed that we would be able to continue strong on this healthy journey of ours, and that in doing so we could be examples to his parents. 

Both of his parents are morbidly obese. His dad is only 54 and he has had congestive heart failure, a stroke and now he has been diagnosed with diabetes. He takes in excess of 40 pills a day, and still he can't seem to find the motivation to change his eating habits. My husbands mom is 56 and can barely walk anymore due to all the excess weight and now she has severe arthritis in her knees. This is a woman who LOVES playing with her grandkids (really she is just a big kid herself) and she is now at the point where she can't sit on the floor with them because it is too difficult to get back up. She wants to go to Disney World with us, but I know that she would not be able to walk around. Both my MIL and FIL feed off each other, they use the other to promote their bad habits and they are both food pushers for the other. With my MIL its a matter of quality of life, but with my FIL its a matter of life or death. I really hope that they can find the motivation they need to join us on this journey.

Another long post - sorry.


Nancy said...

That is so sad about your in-laws. It's so sad that this food addiction is so serious and deep-rooted. I think we can all relate to how powerful of a hold those bad habits have on us.

I pray that the success and health you and your husband acquire through changing your lifestyle inspires them, as it inspires us :)

Amy said...

Being a good example means a lot! Congrats to you two for changing your life!

Anonymous said...

you are definitely going to get to your goal....I have no doubt.

As for our Parents in is a shame...but ultimately only we can change ourselves. I think it gets harder as you get older to change your life.

Great thing we are doing it now so when we are grandparents we can do all the things we want to do with our grandkids.

Keep going your doing great.

Me, Only Better said...

I am loving BL this season as well - and I cried last night too! The biggest emotional thing last night was seeing that Jerry has continued his weight loss after going home!

Hey - if he can do it...

I hope that your in-laws are encouraged and inspired by your family's healthier living!

~Tammy said...

That is an great burden trying to change your own life and be the example for others. It is great burden, but a noble cause as well. I'm sure as they see the changes in your health and energy your in-laws will get to thinking this could be something that will work for them too.

MeltingLisa said...

Hi Jen, congrats on staying on program! You are so inspiring. I love that your husband would pray for health and to continue the journey you both are on, so wonderful.

Your in-laws, it is sad how we let these addictions (food, tobacco, drugs .. whatever) ruin our lives. We learned today that a co-worker of our died this weekend, I didn't really know her, just to say hi, but Jen there is no way she was over 50 ..... she was a smoker, she had a stroke, a really bad one, they turned off the machines yesterday.

Since they told us this morning I kept thinking, wow if she could change the last 20 years of her life, I can bet she would have quit, but it's such a hard addiction, and no-one deserves to to die so young because of an addiction to something that is legal no less!

Maybe your in-laws will be inspired by the healthy changes you and your husband have made? At the end of the day, they are the only ones who can change.

Are you looking forward to the BLBE results??????

Lainey said...


Thanks for your comments on my blog! I will definitely look into vitamins to help with the month, when I can afford it! :o)

That is sad about your in-laws, but it's true that you can't change other people. Sometimes it would be nice if you could!

Carrie said...

Good Luck, I hope they see how wonderful you both are doing and they follow in your footsteps. Keep up the great work!