Wednesday, January 7, 2009

fell right back off the wagon!

So, Monday I ate like crazy and was not happy with myself. Tuesday I stayed OP felt good and then stepped on the scale and was HORRIFIED (mind you it was my nighttime weight, but still).

I woke up this morning and was up a few pounds since Mondays wi, that fact should have kicked me right in the butt and gotten me to stay focused - but did it????? NO, Of course not, that would make too much sense!!

I have eaten SO horribly today, and SO MUCH FOOD!!!! I just can't seem to stop. Right now I literally feel nauseous. This is bad - WHERE DID MY MOTIVATION GO!?!


Danee said...

You can do this! Just because you made a poor food choice earlier doesn't mean you have to continue. Start right now! Drink a big glass of water, go brush and floss your teeth, and get busy doing something away from the kitchen! You go girl!

Krista said...

I got your motivation right here baby!!

First off, stop..breathe...repeat!

All is not lost. Drink some water and relax. You can get back on this wagon...I've got my hand out, just grab on!

Don't let your food choices this earlier ruin the rest of your day. Eat light, think about what you can do next time to avoid it and keep yourself busy.

You can do this!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Just like Danee said -- you can do this! Look how far you have come! You look absolutely fabulous, stunning and beautiful! Don't let all your hard work in the past few months go by the wayside! When you feel like eating junk, think of what your son said to you -- what a great compliment that was and think about your Cuba goal! You've come so far and you have so much more motivation to keep going!!!!!!

Carolina Girl said...

My motivation comes and goes like the wind! It's crazy. Sometimes we are diet and exercise finatics, other days we are eating the entire house (or at least I am) Hang in there!!! :)

Espressomama said...

Great advice here. Chase down the wagon and jump back on.

Nancy said...

Don't give up, Jen... we all have days like that. The trap is to give in and beat yourself up over it.

I'm with Danee and I suggest brushing your teeth and/or getting busy with something else. Like organize your cupboards, or bedroom drawers. You can knit, or visit a friend at their house.

Hang in there!

MeltingLisa said...

Okay Jen .. remember when we we saying how we were afraid of exactly this happening ... we both are afraid of it happening because of the cycle (okay I am speaking for myself here, but I think you will be able to relate). That dieting cycle of having some success and then loosing sight of the ultimate goal.

You have done INCREDIBLY well so far, this is just a little test. My advise is to try figure out what triggers are happening for you, emotionally everything okay? Change after the happy family time over the holiday season? Just some ideas to look at.

When you are thinking of eating something you have not planned for try to stop yourself just long enough to really think about why you want it, if you can think about it before you eat it I am pretty sure you will decide not to eat it.

Keep blogging!!!! We can all figure it out together!

carla said...

it's thursday though.
welcome back.
I saved you a corner!


the wagon

~Tammy said...

You had a great loss last WI and now you're struggling a bit! Life is about finding the balance in all things and you'll find the balance again.

You're going to do this once and for all. You want it bad enough you'll make it happen. When the voice in your head prompts you to reach for something you know you'll regret later, hear us instead telling you you're going to do this!

Go Team Lynn!

SV said...

Go team Lynn!
Don't let one day get you down. It's just a small step in a long journey!

Vanessa said...

Get back on the damn wagon and let's do this thing! You make the motivation. It doesn't come from anywhere but just do it!

BTW...Go Team Lynn! :-)