Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Out of control day!

SO, after all these weeks of doing well, I had a bad eating day yesterday.
The day got out of control time wise, I had so much to do. One of the things I needed to do was some baking. Usually this wouldn't be a problem for me, I usually don't eat while I am baking - but for some reason it was different. I couldn't stop eating the cookies and chocolate covered apples.
Then, to top it off - I missed dinner due to a meeting I had at my church, so I came home and made sausage rolls! A whole bunch of them.
I ate like garbage all day - but THAT WAS YESTERDAY!
Just one horrible eating day out of the last 9 WEEKS!!!
9 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today is a new day in this journey of mine - this journey that already has me 20 lbs down!
I feel good, I know that yesterday was bad but I am not letting it destroy the progress that I have made thus far. That was the old me. The old me let one bad day turn into a bad week, and then I would give up - GIVE UP ON MYSELF - CRAZY!!!!

NOT THIS TIME!!! I am doing this for ME! I am worth it! My family is worth it! I WILL reach my goals.

On a side note - I love that Amy C. voted Brady off last night on the Biggest Loser!!!! Way to go girl!


Anonymous said...

9 weeks of being OP is amazing...and the loss you have had is outstanding!! One bad day is ok...and sometimes we need that! Like you said dont let it spoil over into another day or week just get right back on the wagon!! You have done amazing!!! One bad day is not going to do any thing but one bad week definitely will!! Keep your chin up!! Your doing awesome!!!

Krista said...

That's an awesome attitude you have there.

It's not the day off whack that will kill you, it's how you handle it! What's done is done, now back on track :)

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

You are worth it. One day is nothing. Just don't let it become a slide, which is what happened to me. Before I knew it I'd gained back 20 lbs. Personally, I think you have willpower of steel to be able to cook things for your family like that. I wouldn't be able to do it. Kudos to you.