Thursday, November 13, 2008

my (early) birthday present!!!

So, I was telling my DH how my birthday is still more than 3 weeks away, and how that is 3 weeks less 'fit' I could be (since I have asked for Wii Fit).
Anyways, he agreed, and went to his car and pulled out my Wii Fit!!!
We all played it last night until the kids went to bed, then I did an aerobic workout on it. I'm sure that for people who frequent a gym it wouldn't feel like much of a workout - but for me it was great.
I also tried some of the yoga - man, thats hard.
So, I am SUPER happy with my early present!!!


Krista said...

Very cool...That is an awesome early birthday present!

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

Woooo when is your birthday!? I'm a Sag too - December 12th!

Anonymous said...

I soooo want to try this Wii Fit! Great present!