Thursday, November 6, 2008

Loving this weather

I don't know how many of the people who read this live in or near the GTA, but we have been having FANTASTIC weather this week!! It feels like spring, I LOVE it.

I've been on track this week with my eating - but have only earned 3 aps thus far. I really do have a major problem with getting off my butt. There always seems to be something else that needs to be done.

This afternoon I am DEFINITLY taking a long walk with my kids though - I think that they will like it as much as I will.

My DD is competing on Saturday in her very first Cheerleading competition!!!! She is super excited, she wakes me up each morning telling me how many more sleeps until comp. Crazy thing is - I may be even more excited than her. I was a cheerleader for 4 years in high school, and I LOVED it. Seeing her do it brings back many happy memories. And the fact that she started cheering at 5 means that she will be better than I ever was by the time that she is 8 - lol. She really loves it. She gets to to gymnastics, dance and stunting all in one - plus she gets to scream her head off!!! She is SO suited to it. My DD is a LOUD, crazy bundle of energy who LOVES to perform - DEFINITLY Mommys girl!

Not to mention -she is the spitting image of me. I'll put a pic here that was taken of each of us around the age of 5 - CRAZY how similar we are. The similarities are complete - physical and emotional. She has my personality - super sensitive Drama-queen!!! Sometimes I wish she wasn't as sensitive as I am, but I can't fault her for it.

My boy is the spitting image of his Dad. Everyone always comments how our kids are not a mix of us, DD is all me and DS is all DH!!! Kind of cute.
Going to go drink a bunch of water now - lol

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