Thursday, April 9, 2009

great week so far

I had one blip in the week as far as eating goes = and that was Monday, so I feel like I can make it up before WI next Monday.

Since then I have been completely OP. No exercise, but I have been very busy with housework, painting and organizing so we can put this house on the market - so its better than my usual routine of sitting around on my behind - lol

My hand is so much better. The wound is completely healed - now just waiting for the scar to go away, but it is not very noticeable since it is just an extension of one of the lines on the palm of my hand. The ER Dr. said that if I go to have my palm read they may give me an incorrect reading - lol. Not really my thing anyways. The only thing with my hand is that sometimes when I try to use it I get a weird sensation inside it - almost like it was 'asleep'.

I am looking forward to a great long weekend. 

-Tonight we will have a quiet dinner at home to remember the night that Christ suffered in he garden of Gethsemene, and we will read the account in the scriptures of Easter with the children

-We are planning on moving alot of our stuff to storage tomorrow so that the house will show better. Then we will probably take the kids to see 'Monsters VS Aliens'. 

-The kids have their sports on Saturday morning and then they have a party to go to in the afternoon (yay, 3 hours that the hubby & I can have to ourselves). 

-Sunday will be the easter hunt, followed by church and then maybe a nice afternoon of bike riding (if the weather permits - which I think it will) Did I mention I got a new bike!!! I am so excited.



Carolina Girl said...

Happy Easter and good for you for getting right back on track! I'm in the midst of doing that this week after a horrible binge fest last week! Grr. What can I say I'm a foodie!! LOL

Happy Easter to you and your family :)

Janna said...

Yeah for the new bike! Have a GREAT Easter weekend!

Krista said...

Your weekend sounds fantastic. Have a good one!