Monday, April 20, 2009

a great start to the week!


-Got to watch my daughters class sing at a Kiwanas festival first thing this morning!
-Went to my WW meeting and was down 2.6!!!!
-Have another showing of our home booked this afternoon.
-Dog is at the groomers so he can get cleaned and combed (yay, he was getting stinky)
-I feel great

I can't wait to see what else this week has to bring!


Krista said...

And who says Mondays suck!!

What a great way to stary off your week.

Way to go on your WI!

heathermarie said...

seemed like a very productive day! and congrats on the loss. im sure that made the day even better!

Hotch Potchery said...

Yay, for a great weight loss! AND other good things on a Monday!!!

MeltingLisa said...

Jen your progress always blows me away! 2.6 is so fantstic well done!!!!

And thank you for your comment .. I promise I will try update mroe, I normally come on and read everyone else's and then run out of time!

Fatinah said...

congrats on a great loss!

A True Heart Girl in Jersey said...

See are awesome!

IRJessica said...

You look amazing! I bet you gotta beat the hubby off with a stick! Hahaha.

Laura Jane said...

Hi, congratulations on being the biggest loser of the week! Your progress is great!