Sunday, February 8, 2009

why I will be WAY up at wi tomorrow

So, This week we celebrated my hubby's birthday TWICE! The first time was with his parents and this (see pic) cake which is my absolute favorite!

The second celebration was on Friday (his actual birthday) when we went out for dinner at the Lone Star and I had WAY too many fajitas. Their tortillas are the best, and this is apparently because of all the lard they use (yes, LARD!!)

Then it was off to Kingston for a Cheerleading competition for my daughter. We spent the weekend there, so all the meals were out meals - and boy did I indulge! Including FUNNEL CAKE at East Side Marios!!!
Here is a pic of her and I leaving the hotel at 8am to get to the arena on time.

Then when we got home tonight - I SO did not want to cook - I wanted to be BAD!!! And bad I was, SUPER BAD!!! (mcdonalds)

SO, I totally expect to be WAY up at wi tomorrow (bye bye streak). The only good thing I did for my health this weekend was that I picked up Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred at the Chapters in Kingston - so tomorrow is the day to start shredding this bod.

While I was bad - Kingston was totally worth it - Here is a pic of my daughter with her teams trophy - yes, she's a nut!!!


MeltingLisa said...

Jen what lovely pictures!!! Your hubby looks so happy with his cake!!! Happy Birthday Jen's Hubby!

Your daughter is such a little cutie, looks like you all had such fun :)

Okay lets see how the WI goes, those hard weeks are to be expected (I have had my fair share of those!!!) But I bet you still made better choices that you would have a year ago? And you did exercise! That a definite plus!

Let us know how it goes ....

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Love all your pictures Jen! The one of your daughter made me laugh -- she's a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Love your hubby's face in that pic!! Your daughter is so cute!

Glad you enjoyed your weekend...sometimes we just need that.


HAHA good luck with the SHRED it is tough but SOOO worth it!

Jamie said...

I'm doing the Shred too - 6 days in and let me just say prepare for sore muscles! It is very worth it - my hubby commented on how strong I am getting.

Cute pix too... laughed at the look on your hubby's face...looks like he had a good time.