Monday, February 9, 2009

well, the streak is over

but I am okay with it.

I knew it would be, after all the fun (read: eating) I did this past week.

I have to say though - after being up only 0.8 at the scales I realised that I TRULY LOVE my body. I love how hard it works for me. That after all that food I didn't have the huge gain I expected. I truly thought that I would be up 2 lbs or so. So this leads me to believe that my body is working harder than I thought to get healthy - and also that my brain is in the right gear. I feel that I am thinking about my food choices more than I realise. 

So thank you body of mine!! lol

I am adding a cool picture that the MC of the cheer competition we were at all weekend took. He took this picture during the awards ceremony. The athletes are all sitting on the mat, and the parents and other spectators are all in the stands. Truly amazing how many people are there - and this is only from the Sunday morning portion of the competition - there were more people competing all day Saturday and then Sunday afternoon as well. CRAZY!!


MeltingLisa said...

Jen o.8 is not bad at all! And you have such a wonderful attitude about it. You will loose it in no time at all :)

Hey I wanted to ask something yesterday, but I forgot ..... after eating the foods you haven't for so many weeks, how did you feel? I am not talking in terms of guilt, more how did your body react? Did it feel heavy and uncomfortable, lethargic? Or was it "okay that was heaven and I miss this food"?

Here's to a great week!!!

heathermarie said...

.8 is definetly nothing to get worked up over. You have a great attitude about it though. I agree though. Your body does love you! I could gain .8 in one day

Anonymous said...

That's not bad AT ALL!! Good for you!!